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gossipThere is a lot of gossip that surrounds the actors of the Twilight movies. Most of the gossip has to do with the love interests of the actors. Since the movie Twilight was released, there have been many rumors that Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson are romantically linked. There have been several photographs taken of them kissing or holding hands, and they do not want to admit if they are together or not. To fuel the fire of speculation and because they are filming the movies together, one magazine cover had Robert and Kristen pictured in a tux and wedding gown saying they were engaged. Now anyone who has read the books should know that this was something they were doing for the movie Eclipse since it was leaked that the wedding scene between Bella and Edward will be shown in the third movie.

It is also rumored that Nikki Reed dated Robert Pattinson and that Robert tends to date many of the leading ladies. It has been said that when Nikki saw the chemistry between Robert and Kristen, she became very jealous.

A newer relationship rumor that has been passed around is that Taylor Lautner and Taylor Swift are romantically linked. These two have been seen together at a hockey game, dinner, and they even star in another movie together.

The third relationship rumor is between Kellan Lutz and Anna Lynn McCord of Beverly Hills 90210. It has been rumored that the two of them have an on-again, off-again relationship.

For those die hard Twilight fans; People Magazine has listed some of the places that the Twilight cast has visited in Vancouver. Fans can now visit these places and feel as if they are part of the group. Some of these places include the Opus Hotel, Richards on Richards, Retro Rock Vintage Clothing, Cin Cin, and Rodney’s Oyster House. These are just a few of the sites that the cast of Twilight visited while in Vancouver.

It was rumored the other day that Chris Weitz decided that he is finished directing movies. He stated that he will direct one final movie, and that movie is not the final Twilight movie according to him. It is not known who the new director will be for Breaking Dawn. Along those same lines, there is a lot of debate as to whether Breaking Dawn will be made into one movie or two.

Finally, diehard fans of the Twilight series can now own a piece of the movie. The house where the Cullens live is up for sale for $3.3 million. That brings up some questions since readers know there are many scenes from the last book filmed in the Cullen’s house. Does that mean there will not be a fourth and final movie?


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  1. Zeebaby says:

    If they are truly dating then good 4 them.I dont see anything bad about it.

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